What an Emo Kiss

Just like the first Day"

translation by: gyoolyrics.cjb.net

You said you had to go
That you had no choice
I only cried while holding your hand
You said that you will definately come back
That we will be able to laugh then

*The long wait gave me love
But i think I only gave you pain
Forgive me.. I was an idiot

**If the day when we meet again comes,
Im going to hold you tight and say that
You were the only reason to live
Without you, there is no me

***If the hard road comes to an end
The day when I close my eyes next to you
Remember this, you were my last love
Just like the first day

If I close my eyes, will I forget you?
I couldnt fall asleep those sad nights
Because even if I dream
If I see you, I was worried that I will cry
I couldnt open my eyes



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